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Welcome to Umeed-e-Sehar
Welfare Foundation

The Foundation is consist of social workers, philanthropist and technical
persons have aims and spirt of social work especially for the people
wo are deprived and miserable.


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Welfare Children, Welfare Women Duster Khawan Our Priority

We will highlight voices and stories from community members impacted by Umeed-e-Sehar.


Staff and volunteers


Invested in Projects

Especially for the people wo are deprived and miserable

Donate money to help people in need.

Meet Our Member

Malik Saif-ul-Malook Khokhar

Malik Saif-ul-Malook Khokhar

President Umeed-e-Sehar
Fiasal Khokhar

Malik Faisal Khokhar

General Secretary
Malik Bilawal Ayub Khokhar

Malik Bilawal Khokhar

Finance Secretary
Farukh Lodhi

Farrukh Lodhi

Secretary Information & Broadcasting

Meet Our Volunteers


To promote greater awareness and realization
of human rights, reducing poverty, promoting democratic & humanitarian values, ides as well
as socio-economic development for the
neglected & marginalized community, aiming
to make them empowerat all level.


                 1. Child Welfare
                 2. Women Welfare
                 3. Social Education
                 4. Welfare of the Beggars & Destitute
                5. Welfare and Rehabilitation of Patients
                6. Welfare of the Aged & Infirm

Child Welfare

Welfare of the Aged & Infirm

Women Welfare

Welfare of the Beggars & Destitute

Duster Khawan​

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