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We will highlight voices and stories from community members impacted by Umeed-e-Sehar.


Staff and volunteers


Invested in Projects

Especially for the people wo are deprived and miserable

Donate money to help people in need.

Our Campaigns

It’s our mission to help people by a huge number of helpful campaigns

Duster Khawan

One goals of Umeed-e-Sehar Welfare Foundation is to provide meals to the homeless and people in need.

Women Education Training

Women Training

Training and skill development, such as vocational training, entrepreneurship, leadership, and life skills.

Aged and Infirm

Wes also provide opportunities for elderly & infirm individuals to engage with their community & remain socially active.


Our aim to establish a medical center for poor and deserving people. We will be also arranging free medical camps.

Welfare children Protection

Child Protection

Umeed e Sehar purpose is protect child and provide opportunities for children who may not have access to quality education.


Beggars & Destitution

Establish a center for beggars and window. In this center we will provide shelter and skill education as per their talent.

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